ITCS 2013
Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science


The 4th Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS) conference, sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group on Algorithms and Computation Theory (SIGACT), will be held in Berkeley, California, January 10-12, 2013 with a welcome reception on January 9.

ITCS (previously known as ICS) seeks to promote research that carries a strong conceptual message (e.g., introducing a new concept or model, opening a new line of inquiry within traditional or cross-interdisciplinary areas, or introducing new techniques or new applications of known techniques). ITCS welcomes all submissions, whether aligned with current theory of computation research directions or deviating from them.

Graduating Bits

In an evening session of the conference, students graduating this academic year (as well as researchers completing their postdoc this academic year) will be given a few minutes to present themselves and their work. We hope this will give all of us an opportunity to have a synopsis of the great work being done by the "graduating" members of our community. In order to speak in this special session, please send an email to by DECEMBER 15, with the words "Graduating Bits" in the subject line. Registration fees will not be required for students participating in Graduating Bits 2013. If you/your students are graduating this year, or you plan to hire this year, we encourage you to attend ITCS 2013!


The organizers would like to thank Akamai Technologies and the Simons Institute for their generous support of this conference.